Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed it– in particular I really dig the ritual & structure of the Lunar cycle and the Notion checklist for intention setting for the 12 week year.

My method is a bit more chaotic, but it's been working... relatively well?

- Pick 1-2 Top Goals for the quarter

- Make sure I give attention to those every day

- keep a physical journal always present to log daily Todos. when I have time l look at that list and determine which todo is the most impactful, then I do that.

- Building this muscle is an awareness game: If I'm gravitating toward an easier task (or avoiding a more impactful task) I try to pause and explore that, or see if I can make the more impactful task more approachable/bite sized.

- Over time, the work that isn't impactful doesn't get done and stays unchecked and recedes into the past. This causes some discomfort but there's also a freedom in knowing that everything isn't going to get done, a letting go of that goal.

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